Sowers of Perdition

by Fourth Crusade

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released March 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Fourth Crusade Marburg, Germany

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Track Name: Sowers Of Perdition
Iron demons slit their way
through the greenery
Leaving traces of death
Victims of the machinery
Sacrificed before blind eyes
Burned alive in the flames of demise
Temples of slaughter
Risen on the grounds of perversion
Senseless murder
Symptoms of mass insanity
Victimized for the greed of mankind
Demoralized - No respect for life
Murdered - Victims of ignorance
Mankind - Ambassadors of the ende
Sowers of perdition
Epitome of suffering
desecrators of nature
Embodiment of cruelty
Track Name: At War With The World
Beholding the face of tyranny
A plague in the roots of the world
Its destruction will never end
Fangs in the flesh of existence
Tainting the soils with blood
Burning bones and hide to ash
A world absorbed by flames
Baptized with the blood
And the tears of the innocent
At war with this world of immorality
Poisoned and plagued by the sickness humanity
Murdereres born from greed and lust
Oppressors of the children of nature
Our Eden is a burning hell
walked by the demons that devoured our sanity
Hand in hand into the gates of hell
Tyrants, murderers, oppressors of the weak
Judgement upon the crimes of mankind
Track Name: Martyr
Martyr in a war against myself
Surrounded by the serpents devouring everything
We are the demons under this planet's skin
Death grip by humanity - the ground is caving in
From the whore of babylon to the modern man
We don't deserve to live, we all should feel the pain
We brought upon this world without any regret
The suffering won't stop until were all touched by death
Unintelligent design mistaken for the crown of creation
Built on the divine lie, dogma of the blind eye
I stand against this world, i stand against myself
Against the human race, against god's cruel face
In the name of vengeance and in the name of war
With every word i speak i pray for mankind's downfall
Track Name: The Sickness Unborn
An empire of sickness
Tainting the world with disharmony
Spreading the virus civilization
Construc of greed and gluttony
Poisoning children born innocent
Caging nature's creation
Inside the fangs of modernity
Degenerated morality
Based on a false concept of supremacy
Mother Gaia bkeeds in front of our eyes
Blinded by ignorance we accept our demise
For every life sacrificed
For every act of desecration
We will pay the price
Gomorrah revived
Mother Gaia bleeds in front of our eyes
Blinded by ignorance we accept our demise
Mother nature will restore her purity with the last trace of civilization washed away by the sea
Unborn. Erased. The sickness unborn.
Harmony will rule the earth like it did before the age of men
Nature will reign in purity once the sickness humanity is unborn. Erased.